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Module 9

Multiple belongings and identities

In this module, students learn about belonging, identity and stereotyping, which can lead to feelings of exclusion. Through three activities, students understand that everyone has multiple belongings and identities that are shaped by many factors and experiences, not only by migration. The module starts with an icebreaker game about multiple belongings, followed by a journaling activity about multiple identities and a homework analysis about stereotypes in schoolbooks. In an optional follow-up group art project, students synthesise their learning by creating a podcast about multiple identities, belongings or stereotypes.

Class duration

45 minutes


1 hour 30 minutes

Suitable for:  Art/Music  ·  Geography  ·  Literature  ·  Social Sciences

Teaching methods:

Role play




What your students will learn

General learning outcome

Understand that having a migration background or a different nationality are only two out of many other factors shaping people’s multiple identities

Specific learning outcomes

Define the concepts of multiple belongings, identities and stereotyping

Understand that everyone has multiple identities and belongings

Critically examine examples of stereotyping in students’ schoolbooks

Class structure and timeline

Development in class

Activity 1: Belonging dance

Activity 2: This is me

Activity 3: Optional: Introduction homework


1 hour 30 minutes

Optional: Stereotypes in my schoolbooks

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