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Module 7

Displacement and asylum

This module explores current asylum policies in Europe and the historical development of the international refugee regime. Through the experiences of three refugees from Germany, Syria and Ukraine, the module compares past and present refugee movements to and from Europe. It highlights differences and similarities in their flight trajectories and their legal treatment across Europe.

Class duration

45 minutes


2 hours 0 minutes

Suitable for:  Civics  ·  History  ·  Social Sciences

Teaching methods:

Role play




What your students will learn

General learning outcome

Examine the development, scope and limitations of the international refugee regime and European asylum policies

Specific learning outcomes

Grasp the development of the 1951 Refugee Convention and current European asylum policies

Understand the difference between legal categories for displaced people and their lived realities

Compare refugee movements in the past and the present

Class structure and timeline

Preparation before class

30 minutes

Watching three refugee testimonies: Who is a refugee 1.0?

Development in class

Activity 1: Quiz: Facts and figures about displacement and asylum

Activity 2: Experiencing displacement in Europe

Activity 3: Plenum discussion: Who is a refugee 2.0?


2 hours 0 minutes

Act as advisor for a refugee organization

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