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Module 2

Why do people migrate? Migration drivers and mechanisms

This module provides students with diverse migration stories that help to identify various reasons for migration, which may occur concurrently or over the migration journey. The module challenges policy categories conventionally assigned to migrants and also make student reflect about their own mobility, either as migrants or tourists, and how this relates to experiences of other young people in the world.

Class duration

45-60 minutes


60 minutes

Suitable for:  Geography  ·  History  ·  Social Sciences

Teaching methods:

Role play




What your students will learn

General learning outcome

Explore the diverse reasons why people migrate

Specific learning outcomes

Identify and categorise reasons why people migrate

Learn to question categorisations in the public debate on migration

Discover mechanisms that underscore decisions to migrate

Class structure and timeline

Preparation before class

45 minutes

Students read three stories and create a map representing one migration story.

Class introduction

Development in class

Activity 1: Who is a migrant 1.0

Activity 2: Migrant stories: discussion and mindmap

Activity 3: At the airport

Activity 4: Definition: Who is a migrant 2.0?

Summary and closing


60 minutes

Students collect a migrant’s story.

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