Close up of an illustration of a hand planting protective mangroves on the beach while on the horizon we see polluting factories.
Module 8

Climate change and migration

This module invites students to evaluate the effects of climate change on migration across the globe. By exploring four real-life climate events in Senegal, the Philippines, Germany, and Kiribati in the South Pacific, the module illustrates that climate change can lead to circular, internal and international migration, but also to local adaptation. Through a power walk and scenario play, the module makes students discover that climate change affects people differently across the world. Students learn that personal factors and government policies have an important impact on climate-related migration and staying.

Class duration

45-90 minutes

Suitable for:  Civics  ·  Geography  ·  Social Sciences

Teaching methods:

Role play




What your students will learn

General learning outcome

Evaluate the potential effects of climate change on migration

Specific learning outcomes

Understand that climate change is a mediating, not direct, driver of migration

Identify adaptation strategies to different types of climate events

Recognise that governmental support and policies matter for how people react and adapt to climate change

Class structure and timeline

Development in class

Activity 1: Quiz: Rapid and slow onset events

Activity 2: Four climate events

Activity 3: Optional: Climate (in)justice: A power walk

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