Who we are

We are a team of three migration scholars, a teacher, two student assistants, a sound artist and two graphic designers based in different European countries who are creating a platform to bring academic knowledge on migration into European classrooms. What connects us are a deep interest in migration as a social phenomenon, a passion for teaching and the desire to bridge the gap between research and school education to contribute to a more nuanced societal debate on migration.

Portrait of Lea Müller Funk

Lea Müller-Funk

Principal investigator and migration scholar
Portrait Simona Vezzoli

Simona Vezzoli

Migration scholar

Katharina Natter

Migration scholar

Kerstin Brinnich

Middle and high-school teacher
Portrait Dunja Battouy

Dunja Battouy

Student assistant

Josef Neubauer

Student assistant

Kristina Hansen

Sound artist
Sofia Menfalout

Sofia Menfalout

Project assistant

Silvia Celiberti

Portrait Stratos Tzanavaris

Stratos Tzanavaris