Project updates

snapshot of student's audiovisual compositions

The TIES student challenge awards are out!

juli 13, 2021

We are happy to announce that we received 34 submissions from school students across Europe who participated in the TIES student challenge and produced very interesting audio-visual collage about (i) what makes them feel at home when going for a walk around their neighborhood and (ii) the journey of an important object in their everyday […]

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the hand of a person taking notes in front of a screen in an online meeting

Reflecting on the TIES Launch Event

juni 29, 2021

After half a year of intense project work, during which we started establishing a network of engaged secondary school teachers across Europe, we thought it was time for everyone to meet up. Because of COVID, this happened later than initially planned, and online, but on 19 April, TIES team members finally met up with 11 […]

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reasons for migration brainstorm board by students with a photo of one of our educator in the call teaching

Teaching while in lockdown: testing our first teaching module

mei 18, 2021

In February, we had the opportunity to test our first teaching module, Drivers of Migration, with a group of secondary school students in Amersfoort, near Utrecht. We were very excited to run a pilot of our first teaching module as we needed feedback from students and teachers to improve the teaching module and to evaluate […]

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A graphic announcing the TIES student challenge.

De TIES Studenten Challenge – Stuur ons jouw audiovisuele collage!

april 22, 2021

Klaar voor een uitdaging? Verveelt het je om telkens thuis te moeten zitten, niet met vrienden af te kunnen spreken, geen nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten, niet te reizen of nieuwe activiteiten op te pakken? Wil jij jouw dagelijkse omgeving op een totaal andere manier herontdekken? Doe dan mee aan de TIES student challenge! Het Doel […]

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Een glimlachende docente die met haar armen gekruist voor een schoolklas met scholieren staat.

Three key take-aways from interviews with teachers

februari 8, 2021

Where does the migration topic appear in European classrooms? What are teachers’ experiences with teaching migration? And what can TIES do to assist teachers in creating exciting learning experiences about migration? Over the past months, we have conducted many interviews with high-school teachers from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK to find answers to […]

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Een illustratie van twee lezende meisjes, leunend op elkaars rug.

The TIES project adapts to Covid-19

december 3, 2020

The TIES project started in September 2020 just before the second Covid-19 wave hit Europe. The pandemic has not only altered our work on the project but is also changing the ways in which we do and think about teaching more broadly. The current measures have strongly affected our original project plans: many schools have […]

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