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Een glimlachende docente die met haar armen gekruist voor een schoolklas met scholieren staat.

Three key take-aways from interviews with teachers

februari 8, 2021

By Dunja Battouy and Josef Neubauer Where does the migration topic appear in European classrooms? What are teachers’ experiences with teaching migration? And what can TIES do to assist teachers in creating exciting learning experiences about migration? Over the past months, we have conducted many interviews with high-school teachers from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and […]

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Een illustratie van twee lezende meisjes, leunend op elkaars rug.

The TIES project adapts to Covid-19

december 3, 2020

By Lea Müller-Funk The TIES project started in September 2020 just before the second Covid-19 wave hit Europe. The pandemic has not only altered our work on the project but is also changing the ways in which we do and think about teaching more broadly. The current measures have strongly affected our original project plans: […]

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